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Gutter Protection

Prevent Costly Leaks & Clogs

Your Home Deserves Gutter Guards

Gutters clogged with leaves and debris can lead to overflowing gutters, ice buildup and ice dams. These issues can create too much weight within your gutter system and damage or pull your gutters down. Clogged gutters will also eventually lead to prolonged moisture exposure to your home. Over time, this moisture can seep into your home and cause thousands of dollars in water and mold damage.

The two main types of gutter guards we offer are available are screen (Armour Lock by Spectra) and micro mesh. Each type has its own set of advantages and considerations.

Home gutter system with a solid gutter guard by Nature Lock

Solid Gutter Guards by Nature Lock

Nature Lock is a gutter cover system backed by a written lifetime warranty that is engineered to keep your gutters clog-free from all of nature's unwelcome debris, such as leaves and pine straw. Nature Lock is a product that is designed to fit a first or second row shingle system. It can even be fascia mounted for those who have metal or slate roofs.

Nature Lock can be installed with new or existing gutters. With 27 colors available to choose from you can select the perfect color to enhance your homes curb appeal, also protecting and increasing overall value of your home.

Armour Lock Screen Guards by Spectra


The 5in. Armour Lock Gutter Screen protects against large debris and falling limbs. Featuring a black powder-coated steel finish for all weather, the s-clamp keeps this product integrated with your gutter system while the 4' sections make installation easy. It is compatible with 5in. K-style gutters.

Armour lock screen guard by Spectra
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Micro Mesh Guards

Micro-mesh gutter guards are similar to screens, allowing water to run through small holes while blocking twigs and debris. They require one of three simple installation methods: slipping the edge under the first row of roof shingles, snapping the guard directly onto the top of the gutter, or attaching a flange to the fascia (the vertical strip just above the top of the gutter).

Micro-mesh gutter guards are effective at blocking even small bits of debris, such as blowing sand, while allowing rain to flow through. They're made of various materials, from inexpensive plastic to strong stainless steel. These gutter guards may require occasional cleaning with a hose sprayer and scrub brush to clear ultrafine debris from the mesh holes.

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